We can still save Hardy's Vale
From a Giant Solar Power Development

Take action here:

Why Solar is "cheap"? Because Australia exports there lots of coal. China smelts solar with silicon & coal. Sends back to AU, EU, US.

The reason why: China dumps toxic waste into the land. And it's plain dead after. No life. No grass. No insects. Nothing.
"It's calculated that most UK solar farms will never get beyond 12% of their true generating capacity in the course of a year."

The total number of sunshine hours recorded in the UK in 2020 was: 1,495.
California: 3470 hours.
"When does it stop? When there are no fields left for sheep, cattle or wildlife?" asks Penny Mills, director of Devon CPRE.

Who would like to harm Hardy's Vale residents?
Who promotes ecocide and "cheap" toxic solar?
Who promotes large corporations and toxic lithium batteries?
Billionaires For Future?

14M trees are cut
10000s tons of steel &cement produced with coal and diesel, severe CO2
1000s of gallons of oil used daily to run
And Scottish people brag about their renewables
Was any carbon saved?

Page about toxic solar above from "Bright Green Lies": https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18270734.14m-trees-cut-scotland-make-way-wind-farms/
How to sell a lot of cars?
Lots of toxic cheap solar?
Lots of wind farms killing trees, birds and eagles?

"Throughout the glow, the most powerful corporations on the planet." - https://bit.ly/3g7dwim 

#BillionairesForFuture in action, Thread:
How many bots BillionairesForFuture have created?
4M? 6M? 8M? More? https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1404511413394104325
How many actors BillionairesForFuture are having?
1000? 10000? Do they pay them with Crypto?
Why Crypto is on such demand. It was growing a lot recently... Seems like a lot of Climate Action. https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1404687788000350212
"No Windfarm Here! Neighbours From Hell."

People from around the world are fighting with "green" ecocide and heavy mining..

What BillionairesForFuture are doing?
Right, praise e-cars, batteries, wind, solar each day.

Derryadd windfarm, Thread2Read:
Lithium Isn't Green, sub-thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1403939728882294787
How to sell a lot of cars?
Lots of toxic cheap solar?
Lots of wind farms killing trees, birds and eagles?

"Throughout the glow, the most powerful corporations on the planet." - https://bit.ly/3g7dwim 

#BillionairesForFuture in action, Read Thread 2 Top:
BFF "Scientists" are paid with crypto too?
Who knows! https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1407308702927970307
Hungry for Crypto and Dirty Mining: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1408098566925660171
More about cancer, deaths, total nature destruction, Heavy CO2, from Green Mining in this thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1402224910420824066
How the "cleanest" extraction of Lithium actually leads to cancer, deaths and Heavy CO2 pollution.

Sub-thread, 11 slides, 5 researches: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1402221502758596612
Greta wants new Fake Followers! A call for new bots! https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1408829729340329990
We cannot drink oil.

We cannot drink lithium.

We cannot eat copper.

We cannot eat rare earth materials.

We cannot eat iron ore.

We cannot eat coal.

Yes to Life, No to mining.
The cost of cobalt (another batteries component):
Besides High CO2 from smelting.
Children born in mining areas have severe health issues.
Major problem is that E-Cars don't help to decarbonize at all.

These use marginal emissions in usage (high CO2) and 2nd battery, CO2 emissions are comparable to petrol cars in Real research,

Sub-thread 2 read: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1401394633968701440
Solar + Batteries = Heavy CO2 & Heavy Ecocide: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1410267495332814855
by reading the pinned thread you'll see that an electric car needs 2 batteries

the chart is imprecise:
-12 times more dirty mining needed than for conventional car
-2 times more mining is needed for solar, because of batteries:
First I thought IPCC lied only about biomass (forest loss is not calculated) and hydro (CH4 is not calculated in warm countries)

But then I've found that this relates to Solar and On/off/shore Wind and the whole BillionairesForFuture gang Lies.

Shame on them. Such a disgrace!
Meanwhile, IPCC should have a special price.
Special reward in all of this greenwashing:

The major problem that temperature rises.
But people keep lying.

We should know the truth. Don't you think?
Not blatant lies leading to the inferno.

Thread 2 read to the top.
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