We don’t need batteries (1/3 slide):
-Laptops -> can be plugged into the socket. artificial need.
-Mobile. You can contact anyone from home or office, not a problem, almost 24/7.
We don’t need batteries (2/3 slide):
-Laptops -> can be shared, they are powerful
-Cars -> we need to switch to mass transit, cycling, walking. artificial need. 82.5% live in urban areas.
We don’t need batteries (3/3 slide):
-Wind/Solar - artificial need, can be used without.
-Business, paid media, paid NGOs, paid activists made this happen, turned artificial need into "real", info: https://bit.ly/2T5wI8f 
Ewing Paddock

(no things are needed for meditation and being with yourself)
there's no need for mobile,
you are trained to be a junkie:
Do we need batteries to save the world!?

No, they don't help to decarbonize, read this thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1401394633968701440
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