To say yes and no in one sentence?
No mention of pollution, water depletion.
Instead praising the god of electrification.
Which doesn't decarbonise at all
This is how #decarbonth looks like

There is real degrowth: 

#FridaysForFuture #BillionairesForFuture
Writing to people working for Billionaires For Future makes sense.

However, keep in mind there are hundreds of them.
Massive greenwashing & decarbonth network of human bodies.

Their goal is simple:
to destroy Thacker Pass and life on Earth for profit.

Sorry, couldn't find Chile's or Nevada's version of this song:

"All I wanna say is that, they (Billionaires For Future) don't care about us"

Promotion bikes and promotion phrases like "electric cars are great"

Is all that Billionaires For Future politics is doing

To stand up & say:
Car culture kills the planet starting from Electric cars

This is position, not fake activism

You are fake. You serve billionaires.
if you don't get how it works:

5 billionaires create 100 advertisements for cars

and 1 for bikes (simplifying)

what gonna be the outcome?

hmmmm, let us think, that's why coal sales for decades skyrockets, same as cars:
Degrowth? Or Planet Destroith? Hmmm,

Both threads have some information:
Degrowth? Decarbonth? Or Planet Destroith? Hmmm,

Broth threads have some information:
Important thread, scroll to the top please:
More at: 

How the "fight" with mining is going?
3 posts a week under #EndEUExtractivism
from 180 orgs who signed petition!

Meanwhile 1 org still promote e-cars.
For them cobalt, lithium, nickel, copper, etc is "Renewable"

Check the chart is it really so:
there are No good renewables.

simply because there are no renewables at all.

all of this is dirty shite. and you know it clearly.
Another "fighters" with mining spotted meanwhile promoting Heavy Mining & Extraction.

Good job!
Another mining "fighter" organisation is heavily pushing renewables.
As u can see from above chart in the thread it means:

Heavy mining, cancer, pollution & nature destruction.

There're ways to reduce usage of minerals.
But they promote the increase...

You can find about never ending coal growth and BFF in action in this thread and its sub-threads:
Real Degrowth,
not Fake as #BrightGreenLies at the very top:

Reduce, not produce:

Real Degrowth,
Sharing is New Having:

Real Degrowth:

Recycling is LAST step
FIRST step is:


(examples for both to the top of this thread)
Real Degrowth:

There's no magic recycling: it's work, it's energy dense. There's no eternal engine.

Reduce is the first step.

BillionairesForFuture pay bike influencers.

Thread to Read:
Ecocide people talk about recycling.

Environmentalists talk about:
Reduce, Reduce, Reduce.

Thread 2 Read:
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