This is reminder #495502 that the GRE, a test that tests whether you know how to take the test, predicts absolutely nothing about your future.

And the push to achieve some cutoff could've kept away a world famous economist that everyone now cites. #EconTwitter #AcademicTwitter
By the standards of most #economics programs, @jmwooldridge, a WORLD famous econometrician, would've gotten screened out because of his GRE. And now people using his textbooks in class.

It's almost like an arbitrary score tells you nothing about potential. #EconTwitter #GRExit
As I've candidly shared, I never sat for the GRE. I didn't see nor agree with the fact an arbitrary score should determine whether I have potential.

And I'll say for intl students, this can be a positive signal, but imo, it shouldn't have to be. #EconTwitter #AcademicTwitter
The GRE helps because you have a score to compare across groups, but inequality is baked into the GRE because of costs associated with taking the test, e.g. time and lots of money for prep.

There has to be better way of screening folks so you don't miss out and what could be.
And let's be clear the only reason the GRE is used for international students is because Western institutions undervalue their training.

"Yes, I know you got blank degree, but did you *really *get it? Prove it by taking this test." Literally. #AcademicTwitter #EconTwitter
The GRE is a legalized way to gatekeep academia.

Institutions: "Let's make this test required that Black and brown people may not know about/be able to afford/have resources to study for."

Also institutions: Where are all the Black and Brown people? #AcademicTwitter
There is no causal evidence I know of about the impact of making the GRE optional/removing it, but ANECDOTALLY? This works.

After @Berkeley_EECS waived the GRE this year, 15% of the incoming class identified as Black.. in COMPUTER SCIENCE cc @red_abebe.
@umichECON made the GRE optional in 2020 and they legitimately have the most diverse economics PhD cohort I have seen in recent history.

Like their cohort is responsible for third of the incoming Black students in econ probably. #EconTwitter
So what did we learn from this thread?

The GRE shields potential instead of highlighting it and making the GRE optional actually allows more people through the gates of academic training, which is a win for everyone. #GRE #AcademicTwitter #EconTwitter

I rest my case.🧑🏿‍⚖️
Correction: @umichECON has the most diverse cohort coming in as a PWI. @HowardEcon, as you know, has everyone beat because HBCUs rock.
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