Key aged care promises:
- $6.5bn for additional 80,000 HCPs: 40,000 in 2021–22 and 40,000 in 2022–23
$10.8m for new support in home care program
$798.3m to support informal carers & respite for 8,400
$272.5m to assisting navigating aged care. #budget21 #auspol #agedcarerc
$3.9bn for care minimums: 200min/day, incl. 40min w RN
$3.2 billion to support providers, incl a new Basic Daily Fee Supplement of $10/resident per day
$102.1 million to assign residential places & "support providers to adjust to a more competitive market" #budget21 #agedcarerc
- $49.1m to expand the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority to "ensure that aged care costs are directly related to the care provided"
- $189.3m for a new Australian National Aged Care Classification for sustainable funding #auspol #budget21 #agedcarerc
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