An emerging dictatorship over sexual preferences. You arw not allowed to be extra hurt that he cheated with men insteada women. Naturally, it has 2 be extra painful because you don’t have a dick. At least with a man you can blame yourself, rightly or wrongly, for not doing things
If my girl cheats on me with a girl it’s different to if she cheats with a man. The different levels of hurt can’t be twisted to suggest biphobia or homophobia. And since everything us straight people say easily becomes offensive, most choose to keep things to themselves
But the dynamics are very different. There are married women who sleep with other women. The husbands know the girlfriends as friends. Consider that at times hubby sees nyatsi as an extension of his family and doesn’t suspect a thing. Day he finds out it will hurt extra. YES
But the straights versus LGBT wars especially on Twitter means we don’t find each other. This whole thread will offend someone. And it was posted to.

Also, this thread itself is an opportunity for homophobes to spew their homophobia. Yerrrr. Lose-lose

What do we do?😱
*it was posted NOT to😱😱😱
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