"Hitler won mass support between 1928 and 1930 because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, and millions lost their jobs. Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future, one he contrasted with the policies of

the parties that had plunged the country into crisis in the first place.

In May of 1928, he’d been a political nobody, with the Nazis gaining less than 3 percent of the vote in national elections. But in the elections held in July 1932, they won 37 percent of the vote - and

six months later, Hitler was in power"

You need

a) Economic Crisis
b) Alternative

If there isn't a problem, create one

At that point, they can take over full control of what was a democracy

So if the Conservatives are the ones destroying the economy.. who are the 3%ers?

"Other politicians seemed to dither but Hitler projected purpose and dynamism. He proved a master at denouncing those conventions and manipulating the media. The first politician to tour the country by air during an election campaign, Hitler issued an endless stream of..

slogans to win potential supporters over. He would

* Make Germany Great Again

He would give Germans work once more. He'd put

* Germany First"

We need to bring people together. This division of Left and Right is designed to paralyse us.

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/5 https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/the-ways-to-destroy-democracy/
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We will design a campaign, a movement that does the opposite of what the #ToryDictatorship are doing.

We will call it #VoteCentre and we will EXPECT what they call 'Left' policies but are basic human rights to be BACK at the centre

We will vote smart

Donald Trump uses the same phraseology as Hitler.

So do Britain First.

You need to understand what is happening right now, right here in the UK. Trump tried and failed.

Johnson is doing it. With Farage. Bannon. Rees-Mogg. Gove. Cummings

We need to be smarter & be #United

Hitler was the first politician to "Tour the country by air" & use Flags when he spoke

"Where written or spoken words make us think more logically, symbols can evoke an emotional response. This becomes a critical factor when symbols become weaponised, as with the Nazi regime

95% of us all want the same thing

We don't earn £80,000 a year
We don't go on £15,000 vacations

We want our loved ones to live
We want our children to be safe and have food
We want purpose, hope

I need you right now to get ready to join together

#UniteLeftRight #VoteCentre
What do we want under the banner #VoteCentre?

1. Investment in Schools, Hospitals, Communities - the things 95% of us use, the central 95% of society.

2. Ending Corruption. No more lies. Prison if you're a lying politician, if you give mates contracts.

3. Values. Honesty.
Integrity. Fairness. Kindness. Sportsmanship. Hope

4. Stop Millionaire Tax Avoidance. The Rich parasites on society who take profits form our hard work but give nothing back. Lets stop them

5. Respect. If you're rich, poor, black or white, male female, whoever you are. Equality
6. No violence. How can we teach people not to be violent by being violent?

The fundamental basis for any society is peace

We don't want politicians with boxing gloves on

We want politicians who care about what WE want

We aren't a part of their ⬅️➡️ game

We are #VoteCentre🎯
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