Why should leftist ecologists speak out on Palestinian liberation?
(1) because we are human and Palestine is a cause for all human beings who want to live in a decent world
(2) because the ecological crisis is an international crisis which requires nation-states to cooperate & Palestinians need their nation-state
(3) because the ecological crisis is tied to uneven accumulation & imperialism & Palestine is the spears-tip of both in West Asia
(4) because Israel militarizes the Arab region, diverting Arab popular resources from potential ecological-popular development to war materiel
(5) because Israel has helped overthrow radicals & communists in the third World and is the best friend of world-killers like Bolsonaro
(6) because Israel produces waste and destruction through white phosphorus, land poisoning, sewage strewing and spewing, across Palestine
(7) because Palestinian pastoralists & farmers long managed and still manage the land using agroecological techniques & those practices are under perpetual threat
(8) because Palestinian terraces at Battir and water harvesting the country over are models for agricultural resilience and sustainable landscape management
(9) because Israel replaces ecologically appropriate olive trees with ruinous pine plantations, imperiling the landscape
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