Hey @elonmusk, I’m from Puerto Rico and was there for María (most catastrophic hurricane in our history). We were legit off the grid and one couple, only one... had a tesla that was able to help move many people to the airport and in emergencies. I understand how great and life..
Changing they are. Doge has put a great dent in the funding I need to make it back home and start a business in PR and would no doubt buy a tesla with my doge earnings the minute it is accepted! Regardless, I just want to thank you for that Tesla, it helped many of my #boricuas
To conclude this thread, I just want to express my appreciation for #dogecoin and #tesla and I hope the two become partners for a win-win-win situation for all. Puerto Rico would be a great home for #doge and #tesla #act2022 check it out!
Much Love & Pay It Forward
Coach Bobs🤙
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