1/X Many #ESG stocks are down 30-50 % the last 3 months . I can assure you that the #ClimateEmergency is FAR from over and the need for #ClimateAction is NOW. Also the price of emission rights has gone from 5 $ / ton to 40 $ a ton with projections at 100 $.
2/X The price of emission rights is an indicator that the leading world economies recognize the need to put a PRICE on harmful GHG emissions. Carbon capture and renewable fuel will therefore most likely be the BIGGEST growth sector of #Cleantech the next 5 years .
3/X @ESGFIRE aims to cover the BEST environmental #stocks

A few of our top picks

@CieloCorp - creates renewable diesel from waste in landfills including plastics

@CHAR_Technology makes GHG neutral biocoal that replaces regular coal without the need to change infrastructure
4/X top picks continues

@GrandeWestTrans is the fastest growing #ElectricVehicles company in the public transportation industry. By far also the cheapest evaluation wise growing 100 % YOY

@environmentalwi has the best tire recycling technology and a pot 100 MUSD order backlog
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