1⃣This is very promising & is cause for optimism. But look, let's delve just a little bit deeper and you can see that these numbers mask a widening gap between actions and what we must do to avoid dangerous warming. A 🧵 https://twitter.com/tveitdal/status/1392016195730255872
2⃣The IEA has a history of underestimating wind and solar deployment rates. What's behind this latest revision is the big leap in China where wind & solar has taken off even without subsidies. Excellent news. But...
6⃣This also recognises that rich developed nations have put most of the CO2 in the atmosphere & so are most responsible for the climate change problem. For years rich nations have been attempting to avoid paying for the damage they produced. https://unfccc.int/topics/adaptation-and-resilience/workstreams/approaches-to-address-loss-and-damage-associated-with-climate-change-impacts-in-developing-countries
7⃣What all this means is that despite today's good news, humanity is still hurtling towards dangerous climate change. The only thing that is going to change that is very fast cuts to fossil fuel use now. Not in 30 years time. https://climateanalytics.org/briefings/carbon-budgets-for-the-15c-limit/
9⃣Ultimately, climate change is a resource distribution problem, not a resource generation problem. Until we recognise that I fear we will all be marching ever faster towards disaster. END 🙏
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