Supreme Court Bench led by Justice UU Lalit hearing a plea challenging Rajasthan High Court’s decision to upload State’s decision for conversion of several gram panchayats to municipalities. #SupremeCourt
Sr Adv Saurabh Kirpal makes submissions regarding natural justice.

Bench: Where is element of natural justice here.

Kirpal states there are judgements in this regard.
Bench: Where were all these points urged before HC.

Kirpal: They were all in my writ petition but weren’t considered. #SupremeCourt
Bench: You could have asked that as the grounds weren’t considered in lead case, consider it afresh. #SupremeCourt
Bench states that the issues were not urged before the Court.

Bench: Where is the affidavit of the counsel that he wanted to urge these Points before HC but wasn’t allowed.

Bench: How do we adjudge the HC order on issues that weren’t even presented before the high Court.

Bench: Are you suggesting parameters in first notification weren’t ex facie complied with at all. #SupremeCourt
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