We are glad to release a database of resources made by us for #WestBengal that will be useful for fighting #COVID19. We merely confirm the availability for resources so please make any advance payments only after further verification and at your own risk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t-Y6NGYltvQWyrtDDtNqh6zs29a6FEhi/view?usp=sharing
Database contains leads for #hospital beds, #oxygen cylinders and concentrators, #plasma/blood donation centres, #ambulance services, testing centres, home care facilities, online #doctor consultations, meals delivery services. The leads are being verified & updated periodically.
It covers the following districts as of now:
North 24 Parganas
South 24 Parganas
East Burdwan
West Medinipur
We have also set up a #helpline. #COVID19 #WestBengal

Please #RT this thread.
If you face any trouble in accessing/understanding the database you can call the following numbers between 10:30 am to 7:30 pm:
+91 8972240058
+91 7207161695
+91 8240798829
Please #share widely.

#Helpline #COVID19 #WestBengal #IDIALaw #CovidResources #CovidRelief
We also urge you to text us on above numbers if a particular lead from our database has been helpful, and let us know which lead, so that we can highlight it for others. You can read more about our other COVID relief efforts and #donate towards them here: https://www.idialaw.org/covid-relief/ 
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