How COVID became a man-made crisis:
1. Ignored the warnings, took virus lightly
2. Organized super-spreader event Namaste Trump
3. Suddenly panicked & imposed unplanned lockdown
4. Did not show empathy to daily wagers, migrant workers. Killed 100s. (1/n)
5. Let migrant workers suffer instead of helping them
6. Put headline management above help, stopped opposition parties from helping migrant workers
7. Decreased testing instead of ramping-up during lockdown
8. Made medical staff struggle & fight for PPE kits
9. Chose to bang thaalis, light diyas & spend on showering petals, instead of ensuring safety + fair compensation to healthcare workers
10. Spent 20k Cr on central vista project + 8k cr + to buy jets for PM
11. Did 0 for health-infra
12. Fake claims of victory over pandemic, despite warnings, making people complacent
13. Did not put vaccine strategy in place in time. Mocked RG was emphasizing on importance of strategy
14. Organized more super-spreader events
15. Did not postpone elections
16. Ignored warnings of O2 shortage by parliamentary panel - exported O2
17. Had a year, did not increase O2 carrying trucks causing shortage
18. Had a year, 0 increase in medical capacity
19. Had a year, 0 improvement to healthcare2
20. Set up fraud PM Cares fund - no answers, no accountability. Where money went still unknown
21. Exported vaccine before vaccinating Indians
22. Overly centralized decision-making for pandemic handling
22. When sh*t got beyond control, randomly decentralized pandemic handling/vaccine procurement overnight.
23. When ppl dying like flies, govt busy fudging data
24. MPs hoarding meds and distributing in BJP offices instead of through legit channel
25. Forced to take foreign aid. No transparency in foreign aid distribution
26. Constantly tried to communalise pandemic
27. PM and HM disappeared, left people on their own to die
28. Intimidation of volunteers trying to help those in need
29. Poor forced to dump dead bodies in rivers.
30. No place left in crematoriums & burial grounds
31. No beds in hospitals
32. No oxygen cylinders available
33. People dying due to inaccessibility to healthcare
34. Tried to hide crematoriums
35. Falsely claimed zero shortage in States instead of being honest
36. Did nothing to address anxieties around COVID
37. Did nothing to address the fake news and myths around covid.
38. Unable to accept suggestions from opposition in a dignified manner
39. Health minister promoting quackery
40. Ministers trolling through letters in response to constructive suggestions
41. Central vista project still on, posing threat to workers
42. Missing Prime Minister
43. Vaccine centers badly organized (likely to crowd)
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