Yesterday, I looked through over 100 profiles of those who are struggling to build an audience on Twitter.

Here’s 7 common mistakes I identified:
1. No Banner

I was surprised to see several profiles not having a banner. The presence of a good banner could have helped convert that profile visit into a follower.
2. No colour consistency

Colour of banner and profile pages were quite unfitting for some people. A clear consistency in colour is key in creating your personal brand.
3. No pinned tweet

Pinned tweet is an amazing opportunity to pitch yourself or add more value for your audience, so please don’t forget to keep a tweet pinned.
4. Poor following to follower ratio

Some accounts are following way too many people. This makes your account looks spammy, reducing the likelihood of converting a follower. Always keep your following less than your followers count.
5. Excessive retweets

I’ve seen some accounts completely flooded with retweets with almost no original content at all. If you want to build an audience, you got to first show them you can provide value.
6. Excessive likes

Stop liking every tweet you see, stay true to your niches. Random and excessive amount of likes may otherwise make your account look spammy as well.
7. Poor username

Do not include key words in your username that’s not part of your niche, and avoid using numbers in your username as it reduces the credibility of your account
Thanks for reading.

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