If you've never been to Gaza it's hard to grasp just how bleak it is. A whole generation now has grown up locked in a tiny enclave. They're coming of age in a place with no work, endless blackouts, barely any clean drinking water, and little prospect of getting out.
When I first started visiting, a decade ago, people directed their anger largely at Israel. In recent years they direct it at everyone: Israel, Egypt, America, the PA, Hamas, the UN. No one thinks the blockade will end; no one thinks political actors care about their plight.
Three years ago this week I stood on a berm in eastern Gaza and watched Israeli soldiers shoot hundreds of protesters. Some died. Others lost infected limbs in crowded hospitals short on medical supplies. Another "round," another awful human toll, and nothing changed for it.
Fifteen years of history often get compressed into a single sentence ("the territory is under an Israeli-Egyptian blockade...") in news coverage. But it's a man-made horror that has condemned 2m people to a place that offers little hope for the future.
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