Recently,Delhi govt was exposed on its Oxygen mismanagement HERE

It had no answers on why it opposed O2 Audit –

SO,Now trying to shift agenda to vaccines -
Here is another thread to expose its VACCINE LIES

In its tweet AAP govt claimed "Delhi Govt had ordered 1.34 CRORE vaccines in April itself" ( )

Is this a fact? Let's begin by sharing letters shared by Delhi Govt itself..

Are these letters for placing orders as claimed?Read highlighted portions

Both letters written to SII & Bharat Biotech state: "For this purpose, terms & conditions of delivery and payment alongwith schedule of supplies spread over 3 months may please be intimated at earliest"!!!

Writing a letter of INTENT is not PLACING AN ORDER

So no order had been placed for 1.34 cr vaccines as claimed by AAP govt (atleast as per letters they have released yesterday)- only letter of intent sent- then why the attempt to mislead?

Fact-Till 10th May Delhi got nearly 49L vaccines & has balance of nearly 7.41L

4/ 10
Money is surely not an issue for Delhi Govt that spends Rs 804 cr on ads! Maybe is priorities?

In 2015-16 - Rs 81.23 crore
In 2016-17 - Rs 67.25 crore
In 2017-18 - Rs 117.76 crore
In 2018-19 - Rs 45.54 crore
In 2019-20 - Rs 199.99 crore
In 2020-21 - Rs 293.16 crore

So it is purely a question of priorities? SEE THIS

Delhi Govt which pats itself for vision & management reduced critical health infra like o2 beds, ICU beds, ventilators by 35-41% between 22nd Sep 2020 and 28thJan 2021 instead of ramping up for Covid 2nd wave


Delhi Govt Procurement Agency Ordered No Ventilators in 10 Months,between July 2020 and April 2021

NO NEW HOSPITAL built between April 1, 2015, and March 31, 2019.

AAP government far from achieving 30,000 new beds

So why is this Vaccine bogey being raised?

After Mumbai Model fame BMC Commissioner Iqbal Chahal lauded Centre on O2 & exposed state govts- Delhi govt feels it will be completely exposed on its Oxygen Mismanagement-hence they oppose o2 audit

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