I interpret so much of the media coverage of the GOP as "we need to help the Dems in 2022 by defining the GOP as terribly as possible to turn off voters." And I am reminded how the media went to bat for defunding the police and "mostly peaceful protests" and the result
was the GOP picking up state legislative seats, coming within a few seats of taking back the House despite polling showing a blue wave, and only losing the Senate because GOP voters believed lies from their own side.
The media/Democrat echo chamber has no more monopoly, but they operate as if they have one and try to silence Fox and others for disagreeing. But their talking points and spin cannot compete against reality.
That reality is right now inflation, crime waves, struggling small businesses, closed down schools, and a border and employment crisis. And Democrats still want to defund the police and tell people America is a terrible racist nation.
But now the media is even more shrill in attacking the GOP and it is no coincidence it comes after census numbers show the GOP will control the drafting of a majority of congressional district lines in the country. "Gerrymander" is about to be the new grievance in the press.
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