1/ How do you know that the pro-lockdown+face mask crowd are losing the war & getting increasingly desperate? They’re now using identity politics instead of #science in their arguments. Let me explain how public health/infectious disease docs, not lockdown skeptics, are fascists
2/ Let’s start w/ the parasite hypothesis, which explains why “authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens”. Studies also show parasite prevalence predicts measures of authoritarian governance
3/ Hitler, leader of the nazis, was a germaphobe & “obsessed w/ the idea of infection”. He avoided personal contact & is said to have bathed 4 times/day. He also referred to Jews as parasites that infected nations. These traits are linked to authoritarian ideologies, not skeptics
4/ These traits are also seen in other extremist or racist ideologues, such as the leader of the KKK & Trump.

Do you now understand the similarity between nazis/fascists & these public health/infectious disease docs peddling lockdowns & masks? #cdnpoli #onpoli #Ontario #Canada
5/ Lockdown & face mask skeptics argue that the data never has in the past (pre-COVID19), & quite ironically, after 14+ months of both interventions being employed, still doesn’t support their use as an effective measure to reduce cases & mortality related to a respiratory virus
Using science & data to oppose tyrannical restrictions that are essentially useless has absolutely nothing to do w/ neo-nazism. In fact, those that impose & support these oppressive restrictions that not only kill livelihoods but people themselves, are the real neo-nazis/fascists
I think the real question we should be asking is: If all the people that impose & support lockdowns & face masks were alive during Nazi rule, whose side would they be on? Would they:
A) Help the Nazis round up the Jews,
B) Would they help rescue & save the Jews.

I’d pick A
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