the palestinian struggles have been going on for longer than most of you have been alive so why are you only caring about it now? it feels performative if i’m being fucking honest. you guys will forget about it in a week and that pisses me the fuck off.
twitter as a collective does this shit ALL THE TIME you only care about struggles AS THEY’RE TRENDING ON TWITTER and you act like tweeting is the peak of activism. just shut the fuck up, log out and actually do something if you are ACTUALLY concerned because from what i’ve seen
in my short time on twitter is you guys don’t actually care. you think tweeting is activism. i’m begging you to go outside and actually do something.
on that note if this is your first time hearing about the palestine occupation FUCKING LOG OFF and open your eyes to the real world, if this ISN’T your first time hearing about it and you haven’t done anything except tweet, why? why the fuck are you pretending to care?
this has been happening FOR DECADES and i’ve been helping FOR AS LONG AS IVE BEEN ABLE so why the fuck, now, is twitter in an uproar? you think a few tweets are going to change anything? get your goddamn head out of your ass and face the real world.
tweeting won’t do SHIT, what WILL do shit is governments changing their positions on support. did you guys know trump supported israel? did you guys even care when that happened?
you think the israeli government cares about fucking change dot org petitions? SHUT THE FUCK UP. you guys are goddamn embarrassing and it’s pissing me the fuck off. log out. do something. tweeting your fucking petitions it’s helping anyone. do what you can.
TLDR y’all don’t care. you only care about looking like you care to your followers and it’s sick.
and if you feel offended by this thread i’m talking about YOU specifically so do fucking better and stop getting all of your news off of twitter you are embarrassing yourself.
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