I pray that the situation in Israel, Jerusalem, and Palestine does not deteriorate any further.

I mourn the deaths & wish a refuah shelama, a speedy recovery, to all the injured.

I see that people are already heading to their tribal corners.

Some things will never change.

Through Twitter and Facebook posts, Member of Congress, supporters and partisans for each side have begun the fight to win the narrative.

In this partisan world, only one side is completely justified in the actions they have taken.

One side, and one alone, has victims and legitimate grievances.

One side is villianized and dehumanized.

One side is the implacable enemy.

I can't live in that partisan world anymore

Israel and my Jewish people mean so much to me.

But so does the loss of dignity, humanity, and life of each Palestinian.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been one long tragedy of victims.

Who deserved better from their leaders.

On both sides.

This Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a clash of competing and compelling narratives.

Each side has a legitimate claim backed by justice, history, and truth.

Each side has also suffered long enough.

I am no longer willing to just go to my respective corner when there is tragedy.

There are scared mothers and fathers on both sides tonight.

With real pain and hurt.

I will stand with them.

All of them.

We all should.

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