when we talk about the culture of an institution, we often think about what kind of person it attracts, instead of what kind of person it drives away
all the STEM workshops and scholarships in the world aren’t going to get and KEEP more marginalized folks in tech careers, if the companies are hostile to them when they get there
“let’s get girls interested in STEM!”

Okay, yes, sure, good! but the “interested” part is easy.
“Let’s make girls welcome in STEM” is a more honest—and harder—goal.

Because I promise, no matter what combination of marginalization and field you choose, the INTEREST is there.
Hmong boys want to be biologists. Little Somali girls want to be aerospace engineers. Queer Black kids want to design video games.

It’s not about interest. The interest is there. It’s always been there.
And it’s not on them! They are not the weak link in the chain.

All the STEM workshops in the world aren’t going to teach a child how not to be subjected to racism.
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