one of the phenomenon that you notice when looking at genetic and ethnographic data is

btwn group variation in culture >>> btwn group variation in genetics

to anyone familiar with cult evolution & pop gen non surprising
you see this
- basques vs. nonbasques
- etruscans vs romans
- indo-aryan speakers vs. dravidian speakers (adjacent)

there are others. it's not a recurrent empirical pattern
in pop gen a small amount of continuous gene flow can homogenize differences btwn groups. the arrival of steppe indo-europeans in iberian peninsula resulted in spread of language. but matrilineal/focal basques seem to have integrated indo-european men and kept their language.
in contrast to population genetics, cultural differences can remain large. it's not subject to mendel's laws; massive asymmetry btwn parents can occur so that the child is mostly the culture of one parent and not the other.

also, btwn group variance maintained thru taboos
this should be obv for geneticists and evolutionary biologists reading this. but i figure i'd make it explicit for others. the results aren't surprising, but align perfect what we'd expect from theory
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