I always assumed I'd have children because that's what people did. I don't ever recall thinking that I *wanted* kids though. As I got older, I realized that I didn't mind being around some kids sometimes, but I really didn't want my own. And some people don't understand that. https://twitter.com/monaeltahawy/status/1391375123102502913
I've had people try to convince me to change my mind on the rare occasions I'd mention it in relevant conversation. I can't imagine why anyone would want me to have kids if *I* didn't want them. How irresponsible would that be? And why is it their business if I have kids or not?
Because I'm a woman of a certain age, I've been getting "Happy Mother's Day" from strangers on the relevant day for years now. I just ignore it. The past two years have been nice in that regard since I've just been at home so haven't had to deal with that.
Many people, men and women included, vocally or silently regard you as less than if you're a woman without a child. Moreso if it's a choice. At least if you aren't biologically able to have kids, they can at least pity you since "it's not your fault".
But if you willingly made the choice not to have children, you've somehow gone against nature. So for anyone else who has chosen to not have a child, the article in the beginning of this thread is one I think you might find interesting and relevant.
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