With Naheed Nenshi and Jagmeet Singh talking about how the anti-lockdown movement is (clearly) a white supremacy movement, let me take you through a year of knowing about this (thread) --
That's not the same thing as saying organized neo-Nazis were pushing for this -- no, it was far more respectable groups like CFIB and others who wanted us to rush back to normal.

But the impacts and hotspots were clear, making it a very obvious and easy thing to mobilize around
Throughout the summer, journalists mindlessly gave the mic to way too many people who held really fucked up opinions on COVID, vaccines and masks. It was more funny than serious to far too many media outlets.

While at the same time, old faces started to appear...
But Quebec's organized far right had its grubby stubby fingers all over the organizing. It was very clear by watching both the rise of far right organizing in Quebec City and the rise of this movement that the tactics were the same.
The division between white safety and non-white, especially Indigenous and Black, lack of safety meant that the organized white supremacist movement would find more supporters than usual thanks to the strain of the pandemic and the distance that so many white people had.
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