People need to comprehend the human situation we're in right now.

There is no public consent for continued heavy handed public health controls.

People are gathering socially especially the newly vaccinated of all ages.

They're not waiting for the govt to tell them how to.
You can try to fine them, and enforce rules they don't believe in anymore.

You can trying shaming them. But we've been shaming for over a year now.

You can try moralizing (have some respect for health workers).

Those messages have zero impact now because they were overused.
And they were used on the wrong people cruelly. People shamed victims of Covid19.

This the consequence of shaming as a public health tactic.

Not only does it discourage testing, it has a limited shelf life. And it breaks trust in public authorities because it builds resentment
It means we have almost no tools left.

Most of the messaging needs to change before public defiance gets out of hand and more reckless.

People are broken down emotionally and they feel emboldened.

The last thing we should do is give people signals to fight each other.
That's what 'good people' vs 'bad people' messaging does. We're encouraging people to turn on each other.

At the very time most people are not well mentally!

Do NOT encourage anger at each other at a time when most people are hanging by a thread with their mental health.
If anger and blame messaging doesn't stop, we are cooking a toxic soup ripe for violence.

All it takes is ONE unwell person absorbing anger messaging, who has a weapon like a gun.

You can imagine the scenarios.

The anger and hate and blame - the rhetoric - MUST be dialed down
All outdoor spaces must be open as soon as possible.

We know from last summer that it will NOT spark infection spread.

Open it up. Now.

All parks. All outdoor sports. And consider opening patios.

Rule should be if it's outdoor, open it up.

And keep all indoor spaces closed.
The ban on indoor spaces should be very broad and strict. ONLY the most essential spaces should be functioning until we get as close to zero as possible.

The carrot?

Go for a total opening for all outdoor spaces. With the normal public health guidances.
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