I find it curious and a bit unsettling that, as a society, we have no problem speaking of age labels as if they actually meant something and attributing *all* sorts of characteristics to each as if they were canon.
We wouldn't (or shouldn't) accept that with any other trait (gender, race, ethnicity, ...) so why is ageism acceptable? Why is it OK to cast boomers as selfish assholes? Millennials as entitled and lazy?
"Othering" humans by painting entire demographics with the same brush is wrong. That's so fundamental, I don't even know why I have to say it. Pre-judging someone by his/her age/colour/gender/religion is wrong. Full stop.

Cut that shit out.
This is the example that triggered this thread. It happens to be a boomer reference, but it could just as easily be a Gen X or Millennial slight.

Yes, the behaviour is deplorable, but news flash: I've met all ages of arseholes.
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