So here is why I think @Shell’s comments today are disingenuous at best & likely very dangerous: in national, subnatiinal & international fora oil companies have successfully argued to weaken climate policy. I watched it happen in Canada & it is well documented elsewhere
For 4 yrs I met w/ oil company senior execs to try & find common ground & barriers to climate policy in Alberta which hadn’t moved forward in decades. I found some good people stuck in companies that have always rewarded technological fixes & equated progress w/ expansion/growth
Unlike a company like Orstad which was literally able to transform from an oil company to a renewable energy, most oil companies climate plans are based on three strategies: 1. Reduce emissions intensity not overall emissions
2. Convince governments they now believe & are working on climate change & governments need to support domestic oil companies even in climate era to maintain competitiveness and jobs with increasing tax breaks and subsidies to keep them alive while they work on tech breakthroughs
3. While pledging to work on climate simultaneously fund campaigns to expand markets & production (plastics, LNG shipping) & convince consumers not to switch gas to electric by fear mongering on price & burying health studies just like they did w climate
So. No @Shell CEO the world does not need your help on climate change. The world needs governments to have the courage to not invite the polluters who stand to benefit from inaction to the table & to act quickly to pass laws that reduce our dependency on your products
At this moment in history every ton of carbon matters. Every ton of carbon we don’t emit saves lives. It’s too late for incremental emissions reductions per barrel while allowing production to rise. We need urgent action to wind down emissions & production 
Governments need to act now and thankfully we are starting to see signs of hope on overall fossil fuel production & emissions decline from Denmark, Spain, California & others. But Norway, UK, Canada, US, Argentina & others are still struggling under the thumb of big oil.
And history shows us that until they break free from under that thumb oil industry will weaken good policy (delays methane rules, weaker clean fuel standards, loopholes in carbon price etc) & take billions taxpayers dollars in subsidies or CCS that could go to climate solutions
The fact is we now have cheap renewable energy possible at scale & the potential of wide spread of the electrification of transport. It will take infrastructure investments & we are pouring billions into the fossil fuel industry still even though we already have more than enough
If we capped production today we would have roughly enough oil and gas in existing mines and wells to fuel societal needs during the transition to net zero by 2050. And the added bonus is we would stay under 2 degrees.
If we are really going to have a global just transition at from fossil fuels and a livable, safe planet we will need international cooperation to help countries especially in Global south wind down production. That’s why I support a @fossiltreaty 
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