yep. “a democratic election victory is inherently illegitimate” is already republican party dogma and should biden/harris win by a similarly slim margins in 2024 republicans will simply refuse to certify the results. hell, we’ll probably see this even if they aren’t slim.
the party is currently purging local and state election officials who wouldn’t go along with the attempt to overturn the results last year, and republican-held swing state legislatures are seizing control of the election apparatus. the whole thing is unfolding in broad daylight.
just 44K votes in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin separated Biden and Trump from an electoral college tie
darkly funny (to me) thing about all of this is that if/when republican state legislatures begin to unilaterally take control of elections they’ll have bush v. gore on their side, as well as a conservative SCOTUS willing to use that “precedent”
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