palestine is a country located in the levant in western asia. it borders lebanon, syria, jordan, and egypt. currently, it is being occupied by the state of israel, a jewish ethnostate established by zionists in 1948.
while religion certainly plays a role, it is more about ideology. people who reduce palestine vs israel to a religious conflict are misinformed at best and intentionally distorting facts to suit their own agenda at worst. many people, in the west especially, think of this as a-
-'muslim vs jewish' religious conflict between two people, but that is simply untrue. for one, not all palestinians are muslims — many are also christians, druze, samaritans, as well as agnostic and atheists. not all jewish people are religious either.
zionism is a racist settler-colonial ideology that advocates for a jewish ethnostate built on palestinian land. zionism as an ideology is inherently anti-palestine because it is only feasible through the ethnic cleansing and constant uprooting of the palestinian people.
zionist founders admitted that zionism is a settler-colonial project and that in order for a jewish state to be established, the palestinians need to be ethnically cleansed from their homes and homeland. more on diaries and writings of theodor herzl, ze'ev jabotinsky,-
- david ben-gurion, and more. is anti-zionism antisemitic? no. anti-zionism is a stance taken by palestinians, and by non-palestinians in solidarity with the palestinian people. while some anti-zionists can be antisemitic (just as some zionists can be antisemitic), the position-
-itself is not. antisemitism is weaponized against palestinians and allies who stand up for palestinian human rights by zionists as a way to shut down criticism of israel. by saying that anti-zionism is antisemitism, zionists label all palestinians as antisemites for not wanting-
-to be oppressed, as well as anyone who supports palestinian human rights. today, there are two main "solutions" — the two-state solution, and the one-state solution.
two-state solution

the two-state solution advocates for both israel and palestine to exist alongside one another as sovereign states. however, this solution is not really a solution at all because it is merely another form of zionism, and israel has never shown any interest in-
-allowing a palestinian state to exist. even if a two-state solution were to become a reality, palestinians would still be at a major disadvantage and in constant threat.
the one-state solution advocates for one state in which both arabs and jews can live together. however, a one-state solution under the israeli government would essentially mean that the palestinian people would completely be under the state of israel in every way imaginable.
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