I don’t even get the @DavidAFrench NRO/DCX crowd that keeps on pointing out that Trump lost: They kept hammering Trump and essentially called for his loss. He lost by 42K spread in 3 states. They caused it and now they behave as if it prove how weak Trump was. cc @LarryHogan https://twitter.com/julie_kelly2/status/1391437521259745290
Non-Trumpers due to MSM had enough of an impact to cause Trump to lose by 42K votes. A former GOP POTUS admitted not voting for his party’s choice! There were indeed thousands more of those. Their choice. But they keep yelling that Trump lost as if it proves anything about him.
If Non/Never-Trumpers want to say “we caused Trump’s loss and we are happy about it because Biden in his worst day is better than Trump in his best,” I can respect that. It’s flawed but that’s where someone stands behind their actions. However, these Non-Nevers keep “proving”
that Trump was a net loss for the GOP by showing that the GOP lost it all with him but they ignore their role in it! Their role of sniping away at Trump from the alleged right for years which left an impact against the GOP, so what is the surprise that he lost? cc @RichLowry
BTW, the claim that the “GOP lost the WH, House, Senate with Trump” skips over the little fact that the GOP had the WH/Senate for 4 years with Trump and the House for 2 years, while the GOP never had the WH with McCain/Romney and the GOP lost it all with Bush! cc @brithume
W. Bush in 2008 and McCain atop the ticket left the GOP depleted from the WH, House and Senate despite no organized Never McCain movement; nor was there a Never Romney machine when the GOP with @MittRomney on the ticket lost 8 House seats; 2 Senate seats and the WH in 2012!
Bush, McCain and Romney (BMR) left the GOP worse or as bad as Trump did, and the Non-Never Trump wing likely caused the losses by snipping at Trump/GOP. Yet they act as if Trump’s outcome (caused by them yet still better than BMR) proves that Trump was a net loss for the GOP.
The whole claim by the Non-Never Trump wing of the GOP about Trump-induced losses is off when you consider that they think it’s a virtue to lose in name of Country Over Party. Great. So why are they complaining when they got what they championed? cc @EWErickson @EsotericCD

1) Trump’s GOP won better than the McCain/Romney GOP (Bush left the GOP with nothing).

2) Non-Never Trumper kept undercutting the GOP; likely causing losses.

3) Nevers claim it’s cool to lose in name of Country.

So what’s their point that the GOP lost it all with Trump?
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