A reminder that electoral fraud is a tiny problem. There were only 164 cases of any kind at the 2019 general election. Across all elections in 2019 the police found it necessary to issue a mere 2 cautions. Electoral Commission says UK has “low levels of proven electoral fraud.”
That said Electoral Commission itself has recommended that the UK as a whole moves to some form of photo ID system, as in NI. They do acknowledge however that there are about 3.5 million people (mainly younger voters) without any form of ID. Big concern is it depresses turnout.
Electoral Commission has recommended that people be allowed to apply for a free form of ID from local councils. But clearly that requires effort which could be a disincentive for voting. It goes in a v different direction to Scotland & Wales, which have enfranchised 16 year olds.
In Scotland’s case this extends now to resident foreign nationals and refugees

In a set of pilots in the 2019 locals though turnout broadly held up more than 800 people were unable to vote across 8 trial areas- enough to potentially alter the outcome in some places.
Also worth noting that the trials didn’t take place with especially young/minority/deprived populations- all groups least likely to have photo ID.

Of course if we had ID cards things would be simple in this regard- but that feels very 2004...
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