If you’re just waking up to what’s happening in Jerusalem, here’s what happened. I’m just trying to piece it together myself.

After a night of protests, about 3 or so hours ago, the Israeli forces stormed the haram al-sharif complex. They’re using stun grenades and tear gas
One person so far is reported to have been killed and ambulances are clamoring to get in. I’ve seen footage of ambulances waiting outside the old city. https://twitter.com/palestinercs/status/1391651772427608067
Wounded Palestinians leaving the site are being arrested; the number is 180+ (according to al Jazeera). Medics are being attacked and the carts being used to try to get the wounded out are being taken away.

The reports are of injuries because they’re targeting the head.
The keys to al Aqsa mosque have also been confiscated.

What’s absolutely terrifying to me –& not surprising– is that these techniques are old ones. This is what I experienced as a child and adults I knew told me this is what they experienced in the first intifada

Attacking holy sites is normal. I remember what happened in Bethlehem
There’s no press being allowed into Shaykh Jarrah. Al Jazeera is reporting their reporters are being turned away from the old city. https://twitter.com/m7mdkurd/status/1391679772023996416
Commentators from Jerusalem: it’s been like this for a while, it’s like the israeli army has been planning for war (al jazeera arabic)

Because it’s ‘Jerusalem Day’ the old city is bracing for Israelis marching through the steets.
It’s ridiculous people have to be reminded that the people on the haram aren’t armed. There are kids on the haram. The call to prayer just sounded and everyone’s trying to pray. It’s Ramadan: they’re all fasting.

The haram is a social space.
Many people were there for ‘itikaf. It’s a religious space.
An al qasa official Omar al kiswani on the loudspeakers of al aqsa is calling people to clean the haram up. And naturally, they’re doing it. Oh my heart.
Al aqsa*
The Red Crescent is reporting 273 injured (al Jazeera Arabic)
ّI bowed out for a moment but the haram is empty now...
Yeah, so the Israeli police/army are on the haram now; the space is empty.
Something important to keep in mind is that this is all coming from the top; this is coming from the Israeli political leadership.
Netanyahu’s statement on the violent raid on al-Aqsa Mosque. "A struggle is now being waged for the heart of Jerusalem. It is not a new struggle. It is the struggle between intolerance and tolerance, between law-breaking violence and law and order." https://www.middleeasteye.net/live/israel-palestine-sheikh-jarrah-jerusalem-update
Something to keep in mind: diplomats from countries who’ve normalized relations with Israel (which they’ve been doing for a long time; this normalization has been a longtime coming) are saying Palestinians are provoking it. This is what Palestinians are up against.
The Israeli march through the old city is set to begin in less than an hour.
The sources I’m following: journalists and activists I trust (embedded in this thread) who are on the ground, Al Jazeera Arabic (whose coverage on this has been constant, non-stop, and is consulting people on the ground) and Middle East Eye...
Al Jazeera Arabic has a live feed on Youtube.
I sincerely urge you to follow Palestinians on the ground. I see you retweeting western journalists only; this isn’t the way to elevate our voices or shed light on our causes
The press is in shaykh Jarrah. They’re saying settlers are getting closer and closer (that at least that’s what it feels like). There are so many ‘police’ vehicles.
They’re limiting the numbers of Palestinians being let into the old city (from reports on al jazeera from near bab al asbat-the lions gate)
Oh lord. Follow @m7mdkurd on twitter and Instagram for updates. These poor families must be so tired. https://twitter.com/m7mdkurd/status/1391740759913685004
Follow Lama’s updates: this is live. This is what Palestinians are up against today.

https://twitter.com/lalarian/status/1391742142398271489?s=21 https://twitter.com/lalarian/status/1391742142398271489
Your reminder that the residents of shaykh jarrah are refugees from 1948. They’re being displaced again.
there’s also news Palestinians are being blocked from bab al ‘amud
Gas and sound bombs at bab al amud.
The bullets that are being pulled out of protester’s eyes at hospitals are made of lead. Rubber bullets can do a lot of damage, but it should be noted they’re using both on crowds that are not armed.
This. My sibling and I spent some time this weekend talking about every time we choked on tear gas as children. https://twitter.com/notluzainga/status/1391653558681022470
Someone I follow from Gaza @MahaGaza is another person to follow. She’s tweeting on al Quds but is also someone to follow for Gaza, which needs to be always on our minds.
The settler’s march is proceeding from bab al khalil (versus bab al ‘amud): the numbers are actually quite low.
One take on this: that the pressure being put on Israel is working. There are protests across the world: I’m watching the one in Amman right now. But the court cases are still to come: this is meant to distract from the eventual outcome.

(Take might also be wrong)
I’m completely missing the live reporting from the UN because I’m trying to finish a syllabus. 😔

Just that there’s حراك towards pressure on Israel, including from Tunis. They’re meeting now. I’ll dig.
Another person on the ground to follow: https://twitter.com/linahalsaafin/status/1391766043983499269
Oh 🤬. Qassam is lobbing rockets. You can hear the explosions in Jerusalem apparently. https://twitter.com/mariambarghouti/status/1391772798578724869
I am praying this isn’t true. Gaza always bear the brunt. https://twitter.com/hindhassannews/status/1391784684661653505
Oh god. https://twitter.com/mariambarghouti/status/1391782661509849088
Seven dead in Beit Hanoun, gaza. 3 children. Mostly from one family.

Palestinian Muslims in Palestine are about to break their fast.
More sirens because of rockets from Gaza.
US State Department refuses to acknowledge this is excessive force towards Palestinians (watching the press briefing on Youtube).

“De-escalation on both sides” my god

And then condemning rocket fire from Gaza.
Apparently🙄 the US is doing everything they can...by making statements?
This press briefing is a clown show.
Oh my god someone just called them on the both sides thing. “One side is being occupied”

Oh my god the state department went “all sides” this is ridiculous.
“The right to self defense belongs to any state” the journalists are reading statements back to them

The state department does not want to admit Palestinians have the right to self defense.
Now the US state department is being asked about the comments of Ilhan Omar and rashida Tlaib about ethnic cleansing in shaykh jarrah: they’re not going to comment and instead are passing the buck to the Israeli ambassador.
Ugh, the state department is pro-normalization and is pushing the plan. Don’t they get it?
These are the names of the children who were killed in Gaza. Please say a prayer for them. https://twitter.com/shirien___/status/1391810054467301382
There are also reports of a fire on the haram but I can’t find a good source.
So the reports from Shaykh Jarrah are basically that the Israelis are trying to push the people who’ve come to support the Palestinians families out. They’re using water canons (“spraying them with water” is what I’m hearing)
They’re trying to push the journalists out; all al Jazeera has is an audio feed, which is telling. Najwan Samri is reporting
News from Qalandia: tear gas on the main street as hundreds of cars try to get in to Jerusalem (again, al jazeera)
Update from Gaza. It’s 20 dead, 9 of them are children. Yet the US chooses to condemn Hamas.
Nablus is also rising up to protest.
Footage from Nablus, Beitlahem, Gaza, and Qalandia.
@MuhammadSmiry is another follow who is in Gaza and boosts material from the rest of Palestine https://twitter.com/muhammadsmiry/status/1391831383912423425
Instagram follows : https://twitter.com/linap0p/status/1391768365790793731
Khan Younis in Gaza: 3 injured bc of drone fire. https://twitter.com/paldf/status/1391840440530477059
For the first time in an hour or two, the Israelis are trying to clear the space in front of bab al’amud with sound bombs and maybe tear gas?

So keep in mind that even though you can see these going off, there are often rubber bullets and other bullets at the same scene.
This as the bodies of those murdered tonight in Beit Hanoun have been washed and are being marched through the streets. https://twitter.com/mahagaza/status/1391844237864538115
This is ALL happening medical apartheid: Palestinians are not getting the vaccines we need to fight COVID19. The Israeli attempt to ethnically cleanse shaykh jarrah in the midst of a pandemic is so telling.
More from Maha Hussaini https://twitter.com/mahagaza/status/1391862521838153729
Reports of at least 12 injuries from rubber-coated bullets and dozens from tear gas inhalation in Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Tulkarem, Qalqilya and Tubas. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was higher
Inside the haram. https://twitter.com/middleeasteye/status/1391853665569366024
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