During my NYSC, I was slapped by 2 different women.

D 1st one; we were having an argument while I was at her place. D argument got heated & she slapped me; a very hot slap.

I turned to d door to walk away; she ran to the door, locked it with key & said I was going nowhere. https://twitter.com/ManLikeAkoh/status/1391426633886838784
The second one happened months later. We ran a business together

One day, we had an argument and she began saying terrible things. I tried to walk away cos I was trying to avoid hitting her. She pulled me back and kept shouting.

I told her I don't want to fight.
She then said to me (I can never forget this statement).

"You think I am afraid of you? I have brothers at home. I am not afraid of you"

She said this while pulling me by the collar.
As I removed her hand, A slap landed on my face.

I immediately lifted her and tossed her...
On her bed and ran out.
I had money from our last business together with me. Instead of giving her her cut, I slid all the money under her door.

That was the end of that relationship.

It was hell!

Sometimes I feel she is bipolar.
One time, we had an argument in the house and she was saying horrible things so loudly. I was so ashamed of the situation cos people were around. I walked out to take a cab back to my place.

Fam, she followed me o, screaming nasty things behind me from her place to the road.
I quickly got a cab and boarded.

Not up to 3mins later, she called me sounding soft like nothing happened some minutes back; asking how I'm doing and if I had gotten home safely.

Confusion filled my head!

Those days!
Funny enough, when I was younger, I didn't tolerate shit from women o. I fought anyone regardless of gender.

I even got suspended from secondary school cause of it. But I grew up and promised myself never to go back to that.

It seemed the devil also heard that prayer.
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