Rishi Sunak's wife (Akshata Murthy) owns £430M in shares of the main company WE just did the £1Bn India deal with, Infosys 🤦‍♂️


How about we create a new party?


We contest the General Election and end #ToryCorruption by making it an imprison-able offence.

While we are at it we can put the retirement age #BackTo60 for everyone.

We aren't working to line these Billionaires pockets any more
If you believe in Truth and Democracy and want to build forward better..

..lets follow back.

Let's organise, get together & do something, share real news, document the corruption, be strategic & vote this #ToryCorruption out!

We need to be united, not Left & Right

We should vote in people like you and I who uphold:



We should make it law that they resign if there is any corruption, disallow any conflict of interest
When did Feeding Poor Children become a #Left thing? When did the Freedom to Protest peacefully become a #Right thing?

These are human rights, denied by RICH people

Newspapers have us believing POOR people are the problem

How many poor people do you know that own newspapers?🤔
While Britain was 'bracing for job losses', Rishi Sunak was posing with his £180 coffee mug with bluetooth

His wife bought it for him

Only she didn't

Shareholders received 1% dividends on INFOSYS shares in 2020 propped by 3% furlough



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Your fellow citizens aren't the problem.

Bent politicians are...
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