Speech, language & communication needs often go unidentified in #CYP with social, emotional & mental health needs

We want to change that

Today @RCSLTLearn will be launching a new free e-learning tool for professionals

Stay tuned for more details!

Are you aware that many children with mental health needs also have communication difficulties?

To mark the start of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek @RCSLT has launched Mind Your Words - free e-learning for professionals working with children & young people https://twitter.com/RCSLTLearn/status/1391655746077544455?s=20
Mind Your Words aims to improve understanding of the many #CYP who have both #mentalhealth needs (or social, emotional and mental health needs #SEMH) and speech, language and communication needs #SLCN - young people like Ash


Studies show that 8 out of 10 children with #mentalhealth needs have unidentified language difficulties

Mind Your Words outlines how professionals can work together to remove communication barriers and help these young people achieve their potential http://bit.ly/2RzWqB0 
Children with #mentalhealth needs are 5 times more likely to have #SLCN than their peers

Everyone who works with these young people needs to understand this and know how they can support them

Mind Your Words - new free e-learning from @RCSLT - can help

Mind Your Words is a free e-learning course for anyone who works with children & young people including
We can all learn more about the links between #mentalhealth & #communication

Looking to take action in #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek?

Check out Mind Your Words - a completely free e-learning course from @RCSLT

By completing it you'll understand more about the links between #SEMH & #SLCN and be better able to support #CYP with both

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