The so-called “Mumbai Model”

A comprehensive,detailed ,factual tweet thread documenting why MVA Govt cannot window-dress reality using friendly media, out-of-work actors / SM influencers

(warning: Lutyen’s machinery may get mad at me after this Expose)

But Lutyens being Lutyens- it took that one observation out of context and started hailing the "Mumbai Model"- articles, news reports, cheerleaders on Twitter- all got activated just like the co-ordinated "World's Best CM" CLUB that was activated last year- Remember this

So let us examine exactly what is this great "MVA/Mumbai Model" of covid mgmt hailed by Lutyen's Toolkit Gang

Of India's total 2.23 cr cases-
Maharashtra accounts for highest- 50.5 lakhs

Almost 1/4th cases from 1 state that has only 8.8% of India's population

MVA model in Maharashtra has seen almost 50K-60K cases daily

800+ deaths daily
Total deaths = 75,277

UP with almost double population has seen 15,170 deaths

Lutyens will say UP under-reports so let us even assume 30,000 deaths-


And is the famed "Mumbai Model" is also based on under-reporting or window dressings deaths?

In 2nd wave: deaths due to other reasons category in Rest of Maharashtra is 0.7% but in Mumbai it is whopping 34.9%!

In first wave: Rest of Maha was 0.8%, Mumbai was just 12%

And while people are fighting for o2, vaccines- look at what Cong & Sena were fighting over- CREDIT

Cong MLA Zeeshan Siddiqui targeting Sena Minister as he was not invited for inauguration of COVID vaccine centre in his constituency

Another Model of MVA that Lutyen's could tweet about:
Within 120 days,4 hospitals in Maharashtra caught fire, 40+ patients lost their lives, including infants.
And in every case, there was gross negligence, non-compliance with fire safety rules

EVEN AS CENTRE WARNED MAHARASHTRA OF 2ND WAVE between 22ndSept2020 & Jan28th2021 MVA govt reduced its critical healthcare infrastructure instead of ramping it up!

Here are MoHFW stats that prove lack of planning & vision for which only World's Best CM is to blame

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