the aspie supremacists of tiktok are so mad at me lol apparently it's divisive to criticize the label that divides the autistic community into people the nazis thought did and did not deserve to live
If you're upset that your opinion isn't valued in the autistic community, you should join the autistic community instead of insisting that you are different because you're so smart and you need the label to explain to people that you're different because you're so smart
I understand the justification of using the term aspergers to explain yourself so people will understand you but that's exactly why i criticize it. You're explaining that you are not like the other autistic people- not difficult, disabled, inferior. you’re reinforcing the stigma
you’re saying to allistic people that yes, their stereotypical judgments of autistic people are true, autism is bad, but you’re so slightly autistic that you’re almost normal. in wanting to be better than the rest of us, you’re selling a message of your own inferiority.
i’ve used aspergers to explain myself - i tell people i’m autistic, and if they bring up aspergers i say it’s no longer a separate diagnosis here, it’s probably what i’d get if it were but it was combined bc we aren’t actually different. use it to lift up & unite your community.
it does not help autistic people - including those originally diagnosed with aspergers - to say some of us are human and some aren’t. it helps us to use NT bias to demonstrate that we are all human, that their bias isn’t based in fact bc all autistics are as human as you are.
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