Hey Hollywood Writers, see lots of you rightfully pissed about the minimum wage in this country on here. What if I told you that there’s literally people sitting next to you who also can’t pay their bills and get shitty minimum wage? Your assistants get paid shit!
I don’t know, I just see a lot of righteous anger from you all and the Writers Assistants, Showrunner Assistants, PA Or script coordinator on your own show had to just fight the Studio for box rental and a $1 more on an already horrible salary.
Would be great if you had the same energy that you do on Twitter in your own backyards. It starts at home, right? There are a lot of assistants who are getting paid more on Unemployment than working on a show. Heard from a lot who rather not go back just like the servers.
This reminds me how so far removed a lot of you are from the daily struggle from the people who work for you. Just saw someone talk about how they were offered $13 an hour at Production Company. $13 hour?!?! In LA? Homegirl might as well stay on unemployment.
Studio heads are pulling in $30 million dollar salary meanwhile the Writer’s Assistants on shows are fighting for $50 extras and getting told no because the budget doesn’t allow for it. Have y’all seen LA rent? If you can’t afford it what makes you think the PA can?
It’s one thing for you to point fingers on Twitter at all the other bad people when I know damn well the assistants in your own lives could use that energy too. Before you go try to fight labor rights in America maybe start in your own community first.
I want you to be more mindful, that’s all. I see a lot of Twitter activism from a lot of y’all but none of that activism when a PA is struggling to get mileages paid for or fighting with the Studio Accountant about their paycheck. They got the same bills you do!
Wild how so many assistants rather stay on unemployment and take their chances in hopes they get staffed soon because Assistant jobs are paying minimum wage or less!
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