Lots of discussion about Tucker Carlson or Laura Ing. or other Fox News anchors. I have a slightly different view. I don’t think this is coming from any of them. This is an executive decision by Fox News and News Corps (have you seen WSJ Opinion lately?) to go full on antiscience
We have to understand better why? Is it as simple as a dog whistle to keep the 30 million together? Many identifying now as White Nationalists based on the broadside attack against me last wk. Or to fend off Newsmax or OAN? Or because of Putin Russian support? We just don’t know
But the public health consequences are just devastating. Have you seen the weekend vaccination numbers? Almost half in deep red states compared to blue blueish states. As a nation we can’t vaccinate our way out of this mess unless we can stop the antiscience aggression
As scientists, talking about red states or blue states is very uncomfortable. I hate it and find myself in a scary and dark place. And now under unrelenting attacks from far right extremists. But if we’re serious about saving American 🇺🇸 lives we have no choice but to call out.
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