Exposing Pruno Penandes, a thread:
I went to the zoo to look at the PENguins. When I got there I saw PENANDES stealing ALL of them! He did it because they have PEN in their name and he thought he would get penalties!! I didn't get to see the PENguins and I cried. You should be ashamed PENANDES for ruining my day!!
I am crying tears of joy rn. I was wrongfully sentenced to death. They took me to prison to wait for my execution but, when i got there they said that I was free. I asked them why and they told that a man named Penandes had taken my death penalty for me. Thank you Penandes
I once went to Manchester for a business trip. When I was in the hotel room, I heard someone screaming. It was penandes, crying because the kids he was playing with didn't give him a penalty. Shame on you penandes for calling yourself a professional footballer
My name is pruno penandes Penaldus Avierus, commander of the penalties, general of the diving and loyal servant to the true emperor, Penaltius. Husband to the penalty spot. And I will have my penalties, in this life or next
Bruno Penandes visited me at the hospital to get treatment for chest pains. I prescribed for him Amoxycilin but he instead insisted on Penicillin because he thought they had a Pen in them. Shame on you Penandes for refusing the right medication!
I once went to Portugal, they said that my bag weighed too much once I arrived at the airport, they said I would receive a penalty for it... then out of nowhere, Penandes turned up and shouted “PENALTY?” Damn you Penandes, my bag was the correct weight!
After the Villa game Pruno Penandes came to my house in his Lamborghini gallardo. I asked him green tea or herbal tea and he said "penal-tea". The only tea I didn't have. He angrily left my house. Shame on you Penandes, that isn’t real tea
I decided to propose to my crush.I approached her and told her that i love her.But turns out she is deaf. So i took my pen out of pocket to write ' i love you' on a paper and give her.But just as i brought out my pen,Pruno Penandes showed up and stole my pen.Shame on you Penandes
I was walking to school, then I saw someone in the distance who ran up to me, IT WAS BRUNO PENANDES and he came to steal all of my pens. Then I failed my exam. Shame on you Penandes, KDB would never do this.
I left twitter for a while and when I tried to log back in I found out I was suspended. I realised it was a penalty for saying some prohibited words on twitter. Thankfully I got it back after Penandes took the penalty for me. Many thanks to Puno Penandes
I have studied hard for my final exam, but when I reached the exam centre in the university of manchester, I found out I forgot my pen. Luckily I found a generous guy named penandes . He said he made a career out of pens and gave me one. Thank you Penandes
I was down town this morning when I parked in a 45 minute only parking lot. I returned after and hour and half and as penalty for breaking the time limit I was to pay 50£. As soon as the officer said “penalty” Bruno penandes appeared and stole my penalty. Shame on you penandes.
I was playing fifa career mode and i decided to sign Pruno Penandes to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse FC but something CRAZY happened when i viewed him in the shortlist it said “cannot approach finished players”Iwas in shock but not surprised. Not top 10000 in my book. Now hold thisratio
I was working in a pen factory. Penandes got Intel on where the factory was located. He was denied entry by my boss so he put a breach charge on the wall forcing entry and stole all of our pens, shame on you Penandes for making me redundant i now live under a bridge
i was at home when i noticed my tap water was malfunctioning, i called the plumber but he told me he couldn’t fix it, but of course i called the best one named pruno penandes, as expected, he fixed the tap in. Thank u penandes.
End of thread, feel free to add any more pen merchants or stories of this fraudulent man.
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