So now that the dust has settled on much of the elections - and away from the lazy media narrative the overall picture is a little bit more complex with good & bad news for Labour.

- a small post election thread -

After the 2019 election debacle the new Labour leadership set its course on doing what most losing Social Democratic / left parties do in its position:
Holding back firm policy committments & instead rebuilding trust & competency & detoxifying the AS issue.

Starmer is trying to copy what Labour did in mid1990s.
The good news first:
Its - partially - working. the south graduate voters are turning their backs on Conservatives who just like the 1990s the Tories are becoming culturally unattractive to this demographic.

So far so good.
Unfortunately Brexit is effecting voters a bit different to how imagined.
Its not that voters are enthused by Brexit but see it as a "change of govt".
This explains how many leave voters confuse voting for the govt by "voting for change"

In this reading many Leave voters view the current govt as categorically different from the Cameron one from 2010-16 - even tho the Conservative party contains many of the same people.

This is diffcult for many remainers to grasp - but is only explanation that makes sense.

This explains the split emerging:
Labour recovering in areas that traditionally dont vote for it
But not recovering in Brexit areas that vote for even tho Labour has accepted there is no 2nd referendum on horizon

It also explains rise of LibDems as...

The LibDem seat count rises (somewhat counter-intuitively) when Labour moves to the centre - as soft Tories no longer fear Labour and feel comfortable voting LibDem.

Exactly what happened in late 1990s.

But problems remain...

The Tories know this - but they believe culture wars not just around Brexit but around "brexity" cultural ideas and that post 2016 Conservatives are thus categorically different to pre 2016 Conservatives.

And guess what...its working.

So how do you defeat this...?
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