these are perhaps the most fucking evil and insidious initiative elon has ever done, and that's saying something

utterly destroying most astronomy from earth and inevitably accelerating Kessler syndrome

the SpaceX guy is literally going to lock us out of space
i fucking HATE elon so much. i despise billionaires as a class, but he as a person fucking infuriates me. he has taken all of the hope for science and technology i've had since i was a child, and turned it into a fucking brand that lets him smash and burn and pillage the world,
all in the name of "progress". elon musk is the scum of the fucking earth and i can't believe i once held even a single iota of respect for him.
i've loved space my entire life. i've been fascinated by nasa and satellites and all of that from my youngest days. and elon is taking everything beautiful i saw in space exploration, stealing it, corrupting it, and using it to destroy space exploration, all in the name of profit
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