Only 2700 (18-44 years) & 11100 ( 45+) will receive #Vaccination Shots tomorrow in #Pune.
The lack of transparency from State Govt. on distribution is extremely infuriating.
Hon. CM @OfficeofUT ji on what basis are you deciding quota of vaccine allocation for each city ?
With over 33732 active patients, and close to 2500 daily cases #Pune is still a #COVID19 hotspot. #Pune is the 2nd most populated city in the state & yet is receiving a measly quota of ~10000 doses a day.
Why is State Govt. being so secretive about the vaccination drives ?
There is still no update on the dashboard that will share real time info of vaccines received from center and their city wise distribution.
There has been absolutely no communication on partnerships, orders placed or even negotiations with vaccine manufacturers.
#PMC is competent and with the support of industry has the capacity to buy its own vaccines.
20 days back the Leader of the house @GaneshBidkarBJP ji had written to Hon. CM @OfficeofUT ji seeking permission for the same, but as always there is no response from the Govt.
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