One audit, Proving Election fra-ud, will lead to others. County by county, then State by State, only need to "flip two".
What happens when the fra-ud is known and obvious?
What happens when the DS/Dems want to "let the courts decide🙄".
What happens when they refuse to leave?🙏🙏
It's a serious question and we're thinking about because it's already begun. I'm not a constitutional scholar. If two states or more flip to Trump, especially because of fraud. What happens? Fraud vitiates everything.
Does presidential authority immediately
Return to President Trump as the rightful winner and incumbent? Or are we supposed to suffer endless legal challenges, news cycles, let the courts decide? Drawing everything out while they abuse their stolen power further.
When two or more States flip at that point is President Trump the Commander in Chief again? Is he authorized at that second to start issuing orders? Or will they claim it's a legal decision that could take months and months to work through the courts?
When that happens I'm sure they will form a ring around Bi-den, like a sphincter surrounding a turd that just won't go away.
March's protest riots they'll destroy DC to keep him in there. Forcing president Trump to act against their violence.
Something else they can use against him while they try to install Pence if forced to do so. Again I'm not a lawyer or a constitutional scholar we need someone with a better legal brain to point to where that one moment is where it shifts back where it's supposed to be 🙏
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