Tehran's FM Zarif confessed that his embassies & diplomats have "security" structure, i.e., #terrorism. A member of his 2015 nuclear negotiations team, G.H. Mohammadnia (right) was later appointed Ambassador to Albania & expelled for terror plot. #ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies
Tehran's expelled amb. from Albania (for 2018 terror plot), G.H. Mohammadnia, was very close to Zarif & previously worked for him at Tehran's UN Mission in New York, handling US-based spies, agents, and apologists. (far left at picture) @StateDept #ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies
A Belgian Court finalized a terror conviction & 20 yrs sentence earlier this month, for Zarif's Vienna-based diplomat Assadollah Assadi, for bringing a bomb from Iran in a diplomatic pouch on a commercial flight. He ran a terrorism network @StateDept #ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies
Since 2015 Iran nuclear deal #JCPOA, Seven of Zarif's diplomats have been expelled by European nations, another one sentenced to 20 yrs, all for terror plots against Iranian opposition, 2 MOIS agents convicted in the US for spying on Iran's opposition #ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies
As Zarif confessed in the leaked tape, Iranian regime embassies are terror hubs, its diplomats are emissaries of terror, including those sitting at the negotiating table. Time for accountability, not concessions. @StateDept #ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies
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