I support the #CentralVista redevelopment project.

🧵 Read this thread to know why.

USA spent billions of dollars in the 1930's on infrastructure projects under the 'New Deal' policy of Franklin D. Roosevelt government to come out of the economic collapse that occurred due to the Great Depression. The result of that initiative was 20 million jobs!
China's economy skyrocketed since 1980's because they blindly poured money into the real estate sector and built new cities, skyscrapers, parks, stadiums, highways, railways, airports, seaports even when they did not really "need" them.
But here in India, some 'ultra-genius' people on one hand, crib about our economy going down and on the other hand, oppose essential public projects like #CentralVista redevelopment too!
Do they realise how many sectors of economy one real estate project of the scale of Central Vista alone contributes to? Besides the vast amount of on-site workers, people working in the bricks industry, the steel industry, cement, sand and gravel industries, ...
... people employed in machine operations, stone works, glass works, electrical works, plumbing and sanitary works, carpentry and furniture works, interior designing, painting, gardening, IT & communications, security, the venders and hawkers, ALL OF THEM GET A LIVELIHOOD!
This is why real estate projects are essential for a country's growth, especially in times like this, when our economy has got the biggest blow in decades due to COVID crisis. Doesn't matter if they're big or small, greenfield or brownfield projects, WE NEED ALL OF THEM!
Now, to those "mahagyaanis" who are demanding to stop the work and "divert" the funds to COVID relief...
Do you people really think the COVID crisis in India is because of lack of money and workforce? Do you think we are some sub-saharan country with not enough wealth and manpower that we need to "divert" the funds and workforce from somewhere else to COVID crisis?
FYI, we have the 6th largest economy, 4th largest forex reserve, 2nd largest workforce in the world, and our health budget of this year alone is nearly 15 times the total cost of Central Vista project. So, we don't need to "divert" any money or labour force from anywhere.
New makeshift hospitals ARE being built. Our pharma productions ARE being ramped up. The #CentralVista work IS going on. And India is more than capable of doing all these things SIMULTANEOUSLY! So please stop your "do X instead of Y and Y instead of Z" nonsense. 🙏
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