Airship mooring mast at Cardington, England (1926). An electric passenger lift ran up the centre of the 200 ft tall tower; at the top, a gangway connected to the nose of the airship to board passengers (3). Dismantled in 1943—only the winch sheds at the base remain today.
Not sure you can get more steampunk than ship-mounted airship mooring masts
A 1930 composite photograph showing a dirigible docking at the Empire State Building and a 1931 cutaway of the mooring mast. Despite it being little more than a stunt to get 'world's tallest building' boasting rights, the mast got built (it's still there), but was never used.
Incredible images of the U.S. Navy’s ZR3 USS Los Angeles dirigible 'kiting' out of control while moored at the Lakehurst high mast, New Jersey, on 25 August 1927. The ship slowly righted itself and there were no serious injuries to the crew of 25.
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