It's time for the Sunday #TikTokThead - follow these folks over there. Let's go! Mama killed this!
Best potty training scheme yet....
"Get your priorities straight Brenda!"
Take that baby to Nana house!
My heart.
I love the crowd hyping her up!
Pretty sure the last take got me preggers.
1979... she STILL PISSED.
You can see him counting 😂😂😂
Could not leave Anavid off the thread. So funny.
This process is so satisfying to watch.
This dude is convinced the F*I is behind this effect - his feed lowkey confirms it.
So sweet. His smile.
My shoe! 😂 I have watched this 10X - i crack up every time.
It's the look back & harrumph fa me.
His recaps are always SPOT ON!
See ya next week âœŒđŸœ
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