Here’s how wrong you have to be to get a show on Fox. Larry Kudlow through the years, a thread ...
Kudlow in 1993: “There is no question that President Clinton’s across-the-board tax increases … will throw a wet blanket over the recovery.” (There was an 8-year expansion.) 1/6
Kudlow in June 2002: “A small war … can get the job done. All-out war mobilization is unnecessary. Iraq will fall with much less.” (100,000+ total deaths over a decade-plus, including 4,400+ U.S. military deaths and 31,900+ wounded) 2/6
Kudlow in December 2007: “There is no recession. In fact, we are about to enter the seventh consecutive year of the Bush boom.” (The Great Recession began that month.) 3/6
Kudlow in June 2018: "The deficit … is coming down – and it's coming down rapidly.” (It skyrocketed.) 4/6
Kudlow in February 2020: "We have contained this [coronavirus], I won’t say airtight but pretty close to airtight." (580,000 U.S. deaths later, still wrong.) 5/6
Kudlow in April 2021: "No burgers on July 4. … You can throw back a plant-based beer with your grilled Brussels sprouts and wave your American flag.” (No, Larry. Biden isn’t banning burgers. And beer already is plant-based.) 6/6
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